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Yes live in Nashville 1978 - 2CD - September 16

September 16, 1978 (1978-09-16)
Municipal Auditorium
Nashville, Tennessee

01.[11:23] Opening > Siberian Khatru
02.[11:53] Heart of the Sunrise
03.[07:09] Future Times - Rejoice
04.[05:39] Circus of Heaven
05.[26:26] Big Medley (Time and a Word, Long Distance Runaround, The Fish, Perpetual Change, Soon)
06.[09:23] Don't Kill the Whale > Madrigal > Clap
07.[10:47] Starship Trooper
08.[10:21] Madrigal > On the Silent Wings of Freedom

Total 1:33:01

Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

Lineage: ? > 5 gen cassette trade circa 1997
Transfer: Marantz PMD 300CP > Zoom Hn4 (96-24) > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you

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White Zombie live in Las Vegas 1995 - 1CD - October 31 - soundboard

Artist: White Zombie
Venue: Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: 10-31-1995

Lineage: Radio Master Discs [Live From The Pit]> Exact Audio Copy V0.95> dBpowerAMP Music Converter> FLAC> WAV> Adobe Audition 1.5> Cutting> Fade In/ Fade Out> dBpowerAMP Music Converter> FLAC


01. Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony)
02. Super-Charger Heaven
03. Real Solution #9
04. Black Sunshine
05. Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag
06. I Am Legend
07. Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
08. I, Zombie
09. More Human Than Human
10. Creature Of The Wheel
11. Thunder Kiss '65
12. Grease Paint And The Monkey Brains
13. Blood, Milk And Sky

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Van Morrison "Unplugged in the Studio" - 1CD - outtakes 1968 - 1971

"Unplugged In The Studio"


SOURCE: Factory Pressed Disc > Soundforge PRO10b > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries

300dpi Scans of Original Artwork Included

JTT, February 2011

Astral Weeks 1968
01. The Way Young Lovers Do (3:33) acoustic guitar
02. Ballerina (4:45) acoustic guitar

Moondance 1969
03. And It Stoned Me (4:22) acoustic guitar & harmony vocals
04. Caravan (4:35) acoustic guitar & electric bass
05. Come Running (1:45) acoustic guitar
06. These Dreams Of You (2:24) acoustic guitar & tambourine
07. Brand New Day (5:56) acoustic guitar, electric bass & drums

His Band And The Street Choir 1970
08. Domino (3:56) acoustic guitar, percussion & harmony vocals
09. If I Ever Needed Someone (3:42) acoustic guitar

Tupelo Honey 1971
10. Wild Night (5:18) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
11. When That Evening Sun Goes Down (2:14) acoustic guitar

Unissued Songs 1968 - 1971
12. Nobody Really Knows (6:04) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
13. Bit By Bit (4:58) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
14. Hey Where Are You (6:23) acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & flute
15. I Need Your Kind Of Loving (3:29) acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & flute
16. Lorna (2:35) acoustic guitar
17. Rock And Roll Band (5:02) acoustic guitar
18. Funny Face (2:22) acoustic guitar

This CD contains a compilation of acoustic studio demo material stretching from the Astral Weeks
period through to the early 1970s. Some very nice material from a great era.

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Van Morrison "The Bedroom Tape 1964 - 1967" - 1CD

VAN MORRISON - The Bedroom Tape 1964-1967

Have labelled this as Matrix as I didn't know what to select from dropdown???

01. I Was Born To Sing The Blues [aka That's All I Know]
02. All Night Long
03. Wild Mountain Thyme
04. Gloria [aka You're The One]
05. Spanish Rose
06. Walking In The Queen's Garden
07. Harmonica Breakdown [instrumental]
08. T.B. Sheets

SOURCE: unknown
LINEAGE: unknown generation cassette tape > CD-R > EAC wav > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 > Dime

This was treed via the Van Morrison trading groups in 2000. I wrote the original liner notes (below) and the artwork was created by Robert Glenn Plotner. The cover photo comes from a photocopy of an original photo loaned to me by Janet "Planet" Minto, which was taken @early 1967.

These songs seem to have been, by the scant bit of fact & fiction surrounding them, recorded sometime between 1964 and 1967. The original source tape may have been sent (so rumored) by Violet Morrison (Van's mother) to a fanclub in Holland (called "His Mysterious Strength", at Van's suggestion) sometime during 1967 (along with notes referring to recording with The Sweet Inspirations in NYC). The overall sound quality of these recordings is, frankly, terrible. But, their historical significance is priceless. The audio generation/history of these recordings is unknown, as is pretty much everything else about them.

"I Was Born To Sing The Blues" (aka "That's All I Know") is in the style of early John Lee Hooker.

"All Night Long" (so titled on the the source tapes) includes backup singers, possibly The Sweet Inspirations, and may be from the first Bang studio sessions (March 28-29, 1967). The standout chorus though sounds more like "Call my name". Whatever the correct title, it does have a "Twist and Shout" style to it, a song that was penned by Bert Berns, thus this is likely also a Berns composition recorded by Van at his suggestion.

"Gloria" (aka "You're the One") may be an early take of that song (which would place it possibly as early as 1964?), but it is difficult to say, let alone to distinguish the lyrics. What can be heard at points throughout, aside from "you're the one", are mentions of "Bo Diddley" (whom Van met in Los Angeles in the first week of August 1966), "do you remember?", "I'm the one", and what sounds like Van spelling out "G-A-M" (though, due to the muddy sound, it could be "G-I-M", as in George Ivan Morrison)..."I'm the one". On the promo interview for "The Healing Game" Van states that Gloria was conceived as "a Muddy Waters / Bo Diddley sort of thing".

"Spanish Rose" is likely a pre-Bang demo (before March 28, 1967), possibly as early as late-1966 when Van was trying to figure out what to do next while cagily stuck in Belfast performing with a hand-picked band dubbed THEM AGAIN.

"Walking In The Queen's Garden" is probably an early version of a song by the same name later recorded in late-1967 by Them (after Van left) on their "Now And Them" album (released 1/68). Jim Armstrong (guitarist with Them from late-1965 through their US tour with Van, and afterwards) explained, "'Walking In The Queen's Garden' is one we used to do with Van. It's based on an old Howlin' Wolf lick." Armstrong has also mentioned that this was a song that Them were practicing during their West Coast US tour during the summer of 1966.

"Harmonica Breakdown" (correct title, if there is a title, unknown) is probably an emulation of Little Walter's style, whom Van had met, and run errands for (to pick up Chinese food), while rooming at a hotel in London during Them's first visit in mid/late-1964. In return, Little Walter showed him some techniques with the harp.

"T.B. Sheets" is, again, likely a pre-Bang demo. 16 minutes of improvisational blues, extremely raw, but from which emerged a notable early studio recording, an early rock genre "death blues" which generated a point of conjecture as to its "inspiration". Some books & articles have zeroed in on this song as stemming from a real-life tragic relationship...there are stories of Van emerging from the BANG studio recordings for this spent & sobbing, all of which Van Morrison denies as fiction.

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Van Morrison live in Hamburg 2015 - 2CD - July 22


2015-July-22 (Wednesday)


taped by: RCM
uploaded by: RCM

filesize: 597 mb
showtime: 1 hr 39 min 55 sec

Core Sound Binaural > CS Battery Box (flat) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/48khz downsampled>16bit/44.1kHz) >
Secure Digital SD-card>USB2.0 Interface>soundforge/audioedit>Wav-Splitter>flac.frontend lev.8>flac

SETLIST [99:55]

01. Celtic Swing [3:55]
02. Close Enough For Jazz [3:07]
03. By His Grace [3:26]
04. Carrying A Torch [4:29]
05. Magic Time [4:29]
06. Medley [6:36]
a) Baby Please Don't Go
b) Parchman Farm
c) Don't Start Crying Now
07. Days Like This [2:54]
08. Precious Time [2:59]
09. Moondance [6:27]
10. Keep It Simple [3:23]
11. Little Village [4:54]
12. Times Gettin'Tougher Than Tough [3:17]
13. When God Shines His Light [4:23]
14. Brown Eyed Girl [4:25]
15. Bright Side Of The Road [3:45]
16. Jackie Wilson Said [3:47]
17. Think Twice Before You Go [3:27]
18. And The Healing Has Begun [8:47]
19. Things I Used To Do [3:50]
20. Little Queenie [3:10]
21. Gloria [2:02]
22. Help Me [12:23]

Line up:

Van Morrison - vocals, guitars, saxophon, harp
Dave Keary - guitar
Paul Moore - bass
Bobby Ruggiero - drums
Paul Moran - organ, piano, trumpet

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Van Morrison live in New Orleans 2001 - 2CD - April 29

Van Morrison
Acura Stage
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
April 29, 2001

CSB (flat)>DTR-80P mics on pole
master tape

1. Announcements/Intro/Crowd
2. Cadillac Baby (Ned)
3. Celtic Swing
4. Days Like This
5. Back On Top
6. That's Life
7. Muleskinner Blues
8. In The Afternoon > Ancient Highway > Joe Turner Sings
9. Goin' Down Geneva > Brand New Cadillac
10. Froggie Went A-Courtin' > Outskirts Of Town > Long Distance Call
11. Bright Side Of The Road
12. Jackie Wilson Said
13. St. James Infirmary
14. Precious Time
15. Georgia
16. Moondance
17. Brown Eyed Girl
18. The Healing Game

_ Thank you to keytohwy for his master
_ Some sound bleed from other stages during quieter moments
_ Plenty of crowd chatter but mostly unobtrusive

Van Morrison: sax, guitar, harmonica

The Red Hot Pokers
Richard Dunn: keyboards
Ned Edwards: guitar
Lee Goodall: sax
Matt Holland: trumpet
Pete Hurley: bass
Bobby Irwin: drums
Martin Winning: sax

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Van Morrison live in Boston 2001 - 2CD - January 12

Van Morrison
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA
January 12, 2001

Schoeps MK4V>VMS>SBM1

1. Hot Little Mama (RHP)
2. Here Ever After (LGL)
3. Dark End of the Street (LGL)
4. No Way Pedro
5. Back on Top
6. Rough God Goes Riding
7. Fire in the Belly
8. Let's Talk About Us
9. Froggie Went A-Courtin' > Outskirts of Town > Long Distance Call
10. Cleaning Windows
11. Real Gone Lover
12. In The Afternoon > Ancient Highway > Joe Turner Sings > Don't You Make Me High > Sex Machine
13. Jackie Wilson Said
14. And The Healing Has Begun
15. Irish Heartbeat
16. Old Black Magic
17. In The Midnight
18. Moondance
19. Philosopher's Stone
20. Help Me > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
21. Hello Josephine > Shake, Rattle & Roll > Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On > Roll Over Beethoven

Van Morrison: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Linda Gail Lewis: vocals, piano

The Red Hot Pokers
Ned Edwards: guitar
Lee Goodall: sax, flute
Colin Griffin: drums
Matt Holland: trumpet
Pete Hurley: bass
Martin Winning: sax

Special Guest
Anne Lewis: vocals

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