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David Bowie live in Guildford 1973 - 1CD - May 27

David Bowie
Civic Hall
Guildford, England
May 27, 1973

Audience recording > ? > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Intro - Hang Onto Yourself
Ziggy Stardust/
Watch That Man
Quicksand - Life on Mars - Memory Of a Free Festival
Moonage Daydream
Space Oddity
Jean Genie
Width of a Circle
Let's Spend The Night Together
Suffragette City


1 Intro - Hang onto Yourself.flac:b402fb4b09006a4dde1313be7a29dab1
10 Width of a Circle.flac:f703870930b20a7226edb873ba1bff84
11 Lets Spend the Night Together.flac:1f6917d1928bc951920aaee181aad4a9
12 Suffragette City.flac:843360c4b95f0b41e9c90543de4f726e
2 Ziggy Stardust.flac:494c16cdf07f60bf24d2e5d0c72f2696
3 Watch That Man.flac:d71c213df2600c391325802f673d6c55
4 Quicksand - LoM - Memory.flac:ceafabba228fa1479823c24b92ae3d1b
5 Moonage Daydream.flac:6b170dc92d25f95cfa060dab513b8b5a
6 Changes.flac:b8ae9deae124328a9a544f7ade056daf
7 Space Oddity.flac:503124dc00cff64367a8d6a736f67696
8 Jean Genie.flac:89ceab4838f9fd18fa5a7a5bc778e9e3
9 Time.flac:d6c09aedce0676156042864daa7a12d0

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David Bowie live in Boston 1974 - 2CD - November 15

Music Hall
Boston, MA
November 15th, 1974
A Joe Maloney Master Recording
Transferred and Presented By Krw_co


David Bowie vocals
Earl Slick guitar
Carlos Alomar guitar
Mike Garson piano mellotron
David Sanborn alto saxophone flute
Emir Kasan bass
Dennis Davis drums
Pablo Rosario percussion
Warren Peace backing vocals
Ava Cherry backing vocals
Robin Clark backing vocals
Anthony Hinton backing vocals
Diane Sumler backing vocals
Luther Vandross backing vocals

1 Memories Of A Free Festival
2 Bowie Intro / Rebel Rebel
3 John, I'm Only Dancing
4 Sorrow
5 Changes
6 Young Americans
7 1984
8 Footstompin'
9 Rock N Roll With Me
10 Love Me Do
11 The Jean Genie
(tape flip edit at 00:43:55:04)
12 Moonage Daydream
13 Can You Hear Me
14 Somebody Up There Likes Me
15 Suffragette City
16 Rock 'N Roll Suicide
17 Diamond Dogs
18 Mr. Bowie has left the theater

The "chameleon" of Rock and Roll was coming back to Boston and, once again, he would be appearing in the majestic Boston Music Hall.
The Ziggy Stardust tour had been here for two performances, on October 1st and 2nd, 1972 and the Diamond Dogs "1980 Floor Show" had just been here on July 16 and now,
this was the second half of the tour, now re-named "The Soul Tour". Originally, this was to be the first of two shows, the 15th and 16th, but due to both shows selling out so fast,
a third show was added on the 14th. After seeing the Ziggy and Diamond Dogs performances, we didn't know what to expect at this show, but it turned out to be completely different
and just as great. And the beginning of the show was a complete surprise! There was no introduction, the lights just went down and the first song started with a nice saxophone intro.
As the vocals began, we were surprised that it wasn't Bowie singing, but one of the back-up singers. He did an excellent, soulful version of "Memory Of a Free Festival",
with the rest of the singers joining in for the "The star machine is coming down and we're gonna have a party!" chorus. As the song ended, David was introduced and took the stage,
wearing high-waisted gray trousers and a cream colored silk shirt, with his hair longer and a bit more blond than before. He still had shaved eyebrows and there was a "hint'
of eyeshadow and mascara on his eyes. He looked pleased to be here and, with a big smile, started the "party" off with the Diamond Dogs single, "Rebel Rebel".
From that moment on, it was a set that covered all the "hits". "John, I'm Only Dancing" (from the Ziggy days), "Sorrow" (the 1960s song, by the British band The Merseys,
from the "Pin Ups" album) and "Changes" (from "Hunky Dory") came next, then it was time for brand new single, "Young Americans". As the sax and "boxing ring" bell intro ended,
David took a moment to say "Hello, Good evening!" to the audience, before introducing the song. This was the first time that he had slowed down since he had come on stage.
"Young Americans" was getting heavy airplay on all the area radio stations and with everything that was going on in politics and world events, the famous line,
"Do you remember your President Nixon", earned a big round of applause from the audience. "1984" followed, then they got the audience clapping along, with a cover of The Flairs 1961 R&B hit,
"Footstompin'". It was back to Diamond Dogs for "Rock 'n' Roll With Me", before throwing the audience a "curve", with a new "Love Me Do" intro for the great Aladdin Sane album song,
"The Jean Genie". "Moonage Daydream" led into two more new songs, "Can You Hear Me?" and "Somebody Up There Likes Me" before closing the set with "Suffragette City" and "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide".
After a great ovation from the audience, David and the band returned to the stage and ended the show with "Diamond Dogs". As the song ended, David said "Thank you for coming.
See you tomorrow!", before leaving the stage for the final time. As much as the crowd wanted another song, it wasn't to be. The last thing we heard was an "Elvis" type announcement from backstage,
saying "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Bowie has left the building!". I later read that the previous night's show had been plagued by some sound problems and when I heard a recording of the
Saturday night show, there seemed to be quite a few off-key notes from the saxophone, so it looked like we got lucky and had seen the better of the three shows. Bowie was enjoying himself
and all members of the band, as well as the back-up singers, seemed to be at their best, with Earl Slick, on lead guitar, Carlos Alomar, on rhythm guitar, Mike Garson (from the Spiders From Mars),
David Sanborn, on saxophone and Willie Weeks, on bass, making this a most enjoyable and memorable performance.

Many Many Thanks To Joe

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David Bowie live in Los Angeles 1974 - 2CD - September 5 - soundboard

DAVID BOWIE - Strange Fascination
Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA
5th September 1974

Liberated Bootleg
Label - Tom 001/002 CD
Artwork Included

Silver Discs > EAC > Flac

2xCD - 106 Minutes Approx

CD 1
Rebel Rebel
Moonage Daydream
Sweet Thing
Suffragette City
Aladdin Sane
All The Young Dudes
Cracked Actor
Rock And Roll With Me

CD 2
Knock On Wood
It's Gonna Be Me
Space Oddity
Diamond Dogs
Big Brother
The Jean Genie
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
John I'm Only Dancing (Again)
Voice Of Promoter

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David Bowie live in Boston 1974 - 2CD - July 16

Music Hall
Boston, MA
July 16th, 1974
A Joe Maloney Master Recording
Transferred and Presented By Krw_co


David Bowie Vocals
Earl Slick Guitar
Michael Kamen Keyboards Oboe
David Sanborn Saxophone
Tony Newman Drums
Mike Garson Keyboards
Herbie Flowers Bass
Richard Grando Saxophone/flute
Pablo Rosario Percussion
Gui Andrisano Backing Vocals
Warren Peace Backing Vocals

1 1984
2 Rebel Rebel
3 Moonage Daydream
4 Sweet Thing
5 Changes
6 Suffragette City
7 Aladdin Sane / On Broadway
8 All The Young Dudes
9 Cracked Actor
10 Rock And Roll With Me
(tape flip edit at 00:44:58:00)
11 Watch That Man
12 Knock On Wood
13 Space Oddity
14 Future Legend
15 Diamond Dogs
16 Panic In Detroit
17 Big Brother
18 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
19 Time
20 Width Of A Circle
(tape flip edit at 01:30:01:11)
21 Jean Genie
22 Rock And Roll Suicide
23 David Bowie has left the theater Goodnight

In October 1972, I had been fortunate to have seen the Ziggy Stardust performance here, at the Boston Music Hall.
Now, David Bowie was back and touring for the Diamond Dogs album. This show was quite a change from the Ziggy "bare stage" show.
With an expanded band, set changes and David's costume changes, it was more like a Broadway show than a concert.
This was the "Diamond Dogs Tour", but the stage production was referred to as "The 1980 Floor Show".
David had "retired" the Ziggy character and was now back, in his latest incarnation, Halloween Jack.
Everyone was looking forward to this show and I was very lucky when I ordered my tickets and got 5th row Center Orchestra seats.
Since we were able to bring cameras to concerts back then, I was able to get some really nice photos of the performance,
but being so close to the speaker stack, my recording ended up being a little "bass heavy" in spots.
The Diamond Dogs album had been released in May and the single, "Rebel Rebel" was in heavy rotation on the radio,
as was the album track, "1984". The album cover was controversial, at the time, for it's cover portrait of Bowie,
with the body of a dog, having to be censored for the American market, because of it's inclusion of the male "doggie parts" in the picture.
The concert showcased the Diamond Dogs album, but also contained selections from all of his earlier releases.
There are too many details to list about this show, but there were a few highlights that should be mentioned.
This show took place the night after Bowie and the band had completed their four day run at the Tower Theater, in Philadelphia,
which ended up as the "David Live" album that was released in October 1974, so they were still performing at their best.
One humorous moment in the show, was when David was doing the song "Cracked Actor". He was wearing a red velvet cape and aviator glasses and holding a human skull,
as if he was in Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet". When he got to the line in the song that says "suck, baby, suck...give me your head!",
he got on his knees and inserted his microphone into the skull's mouth. Another memorable moment, was his cover of Eddie Floyd's "Knock On Wood",
that was followed by a haunting version of "Space Oddity", that had David elevated in a chair, on a small crane, to emphasize the isolation of Major Tom in his lost space capsule.
And "Panic In Detroit" had Bowie, dressed up as a prize fighter, with big red boxing gloves. Besides the songs from Diamond Dogs and Aladdin Sane, there were Ziggy classics,
like "Moonage Daydream", "Suffragette City", as well as other Bowie favorites, "Changes", "Width Of A Circle", "Queen Bitch" "The Jean Genie"
and the song that saved the career of Mott The Hoople, "All The Young Dudes". The show ended with "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide".
The audience was expecting more, but there was no encore. While the audience had hoped for one more song, we only got the Elvis-like closing announcement that
"David Bowie has left the building!" What more could you ask for?

Many Many Thanks To Joe

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David Bowie live in New York 1973 - 2CD - February 15

Artist: David Bowie
Date: 15. February 1973
Venue: Radio City Music Hall
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: USA

Lineage: Tape > Technics Rs-bx501 > Zoom H2N (24/96) Flac > PC > iZotope RX4 Advanced (64-bit) > WaveLab 8.5 (64-bit) (Remaster 44/16) > BowieStation

Remaster details:

iZotope RX4 Advanced (64-bit)
declip: final part
adjust azimuth & phase: all parts

WaveLab 8.5 (64-bit)
join sections
EQ (Waves Q10)
adjust levels
resample (Crystal Resampler)
dither (iZotope MBit+)
split tracks
resample to 44/16

Trader's Little Helper
fix SBE's
convert to flac

The Band:

David Bowie vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mick Ronson guitar, vocals
Trevor Bolder bass
Mick "Woody" Woodmansey drums
Mike Garson piano, mellotron, organ
Geoffrey A. Maccormack backing vocals
Ken Fordham saxophone
Brian Wilshaw saxophone, flute


01. Ode To Joy 2:37
02. Hang On To Yourself 2:56
03. Ziggy Stardust 3:22
04. Changes 3:37
05. Soul Love 3:52
06. John, I'm Only Dancing 2:59
07. Drive-In Saturday 4:41
08. Five Years 3:54
09. Space Oddity 5:35
10. My Death 6:21
11. The Supermen 4:02
12. Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?) 5:47
13. Panic In Detroit 4:25
14. Moonage Daydream 5:10
15. The Width Of A Circle 11:04
16. Time 5:39
17. Let's Spend The Night Together 3:20
18. Watch That Man 4:35

Total Time: 1:23:57

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David Bowie live in New York 1973 - 2CD - February 14 - re-worked version

David Bowie
Radio City Music Hall, New York.
14 February, 1973

Re-worked version

Good quality recording

Low gen cassette > Nakamichi Tapedeck > CD-R > Audacity [re-work as per notes below] > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

CD 1

01 Intro
02 Hang Onto Yourself
03 Ziggy Stardust
04 Changes
05 Soul Love
06 John, I'm Only Dancing
07 Moonage Daydream
08 Five Years
09 Space Oddity
10 My Death

CD 2

01 Watch That Man
02 Drive-In Saturday
03 Aladdin Sane
04 Panic In Detroit
05 Cracked Actor
06 Width Of A Circle
07 Time
08 The Prettiest Star
09 Let's Spend The Night Together
10 The Jean Genie
11 Suffragette City
12 Rock N'Roll Suicide

This is the recording of the show where David fainted at the end, shocking the audience.

One thing that is particularly interesting, to me anyway, is the leap in quality on reaching side 2 of the tape here - Aladdin Sane onwards. Often there are small differences in fidelity upon turning over tapes - for example, sometimes one side will have more hiss than the other, as somewhere in the copying someone has switched the dolby off or on. The difference here is more pronounced than that.

Prettiest Star is a highlight here!

Rock and Roll Suicide had to be combined from two sources of this recording...but then this does have the long ending with the audience's reaction to David's fainting.

On certain Bowie tapes I will be presenting 'raw' and 'processed' versions...not so much a concession to some who have as good as demanded this, more practicality : the person kindly lending me tapes is interested in
hearing both.
This is the 'processed' version.

The process I use in Audacity to widen the sound, usually consists of the following -

-9db decrease (as the mixing and combining needs space)
double up the tracks, add .01 sec delay to one of the channels, split channels and mix either side (balance achieved through trial and error)
Combine above doubled up track with untouched track with the latter at a higher level. The above mixing while giving a nice widening effect I am more than aware can sometimes sound artificial to some, and I have found combining it with the untouched file means a balance is achieved between the raw sound of the original and the mixed version. Studios used - and I'm sure still do - used to resort to all sorts of double tracking and compression effects and the bottom line is this method I found by trial and error sounds good to me and others. Those who do not approve or find it does not sound good to them - no-one is forcing you to download this.
Voila...I listen to live recordings in headphones for the most part, and many people listen in headphones / earphones these days.
This may sound better to many like that, and I am aware that through conventional speakers this sort of mix / re-work may or may not sound as good as an untouched version. It's very subjective, and very much down to individual preference.


74e8cca05db2ccd569a711537eb38e69 [shntool] CD 1\01 Intro - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
7bcbd2a35e35a6e35bfd633d6d48ba4e [shntool] CD 1\02 Hang On - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
15de10b8167cde2926fce98fdf45901e [shntool] CD 1\03 Ziggy - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
3fc60a6d9eca534000792492bbeeb7db [shntool] CD 1\04 Changes - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
f7d399e66a70c5e499e07dddb32bc39d [shntool] CD 1\05 Soul Love - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
47a7d39135c92d060885329876ee6f29 [shntool] CD 1\06 John I'm only Dancing - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
296c96ee2dcc1efbb259a7c26873e0f0 [shntool] CD 1\07 Moonage Daydream - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
c95a2c76bb0ff1d2fee24f4bb4f699fc [shntool] CD 1\08 Five Years - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
536e51a48470b96ecf542f521d6d237e [shntool] CD 1\09 Space Oddity - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
029cffe5f7850911da1da3a381c7957a [shntool] CD 1\10 My Death - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
e2625dddefa0f591fdc155642f2cc054 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 01 Watch That Man - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
5e99756e153dd9dab57e829cd6e65f01 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 02 Drive-In Saturday - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
1f283330e9fa922ee0f22ca4a23c73b4 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 03 Aladdin Sane - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
94f1cadafbd00755e7ea57c56a32bd2f [shntool] CD 2\CD2 04 Panic in Detroit - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
df38b3dd3745265fbb4fea9bca72b55c [shntool] CD 2\CD2 05 Cracked Actor - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
ebf72b3831746b7d2c09eb5655ddbba5 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 06 The Width Of A Circle - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
dc2fe2658d0b09955be9b6b48704db1b [shntool] CD 2\CD2 07 Time - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
9afcefe734117d3e67f47f9ab6f47974 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 08 The Prettiest Star - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
4c735908358a1d1cae567f83be30257d [shntool] CD 2\CD2 09 Let's Spend The Night Together - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
b91984c22eddc2f9be4e24038ca3731a [shntool] CD 2\CD2 10 The Jean Genie - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
96f907adc7e39db7626fc17d00b2d6a1 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 11 Suffragette City - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac
135d5f0af68035a3826c09a174f28298 [shntool] CD 2\CD2 12 Rock and Roll Suicide - NY 14 Feb 73 re-worked.flac

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David Bowie live in Boston 1972 - 2CD - October 1


Set list:

Disc one:

1: Hang onto yourself
2: Ziggy Stardust
3: Changes
4: The Superman
5: Life on Mars
6: Lady Stardust
7: Queen Bitch
8: Five Years
9: Space Oddity
10: Andy Warhol
11: My Death

Disc two:

1: Width of a circle
2: John, I'm only dancing
3: Starman
4: Moonage dream
5: Waiting for the man
6: White light, White heat
7: Suffragette City
8: Around and Around

This was recently transfered and is unaltered and un-EQ'd. The way you have it, is the way
the master cassettes are.

Special thanks to Joe Maloney for making this recording available.

Presented to you by KRW&CO and bcledfoot.




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