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Spandau Ballet live in Manchester 1982 - 1CD - April 4

 Spandau Ballet


Manchester - Palace Theatre

Previously Uncirculated MASTER

SONY TCS350>TDK D-90>Playback on SONY WM-D6 (azimuth adjusted)>ZOOM H2>Adobe Audition(EQ, normalization, track-splits)>TLH Flac 8


02.The Freeze

03.She Loved Like Diamond

04.To Cut A Long Story Short





09.Paint Me Down

10.Coffee Club

11.Chant No 1


13.Chant No 1 (Reprise)

Notes:We're lighting fires that will burn until morning.....

Until the Journeys to Glory tour, the Spands had only ever played exclusive and secret club dates, so this was a chance to answer the question of whether they were a studio band or not.

Thanks to my favourite record shop (Piccadilly Records - still in business - support your local!) I had been given a complimentary ticket (Thanks, Sharon!). The expectation was high but we weren't disappointed.

The next day, after lunch at Long Bar, I nearly fell over the Spands as they left the Piccadilly Hotel (by the rear exit).To a man, they all had champagne bottles in their hands and looked like they hadn't slept...ah the folly of youth! Or was it?



02.The Freeze.flac:959551f0e548d65ec316ac9d87a37c7c

03.She Loved Like Diamond.flac:4b10f6d7186294a3365dee674269ea36

04.To Cut A Long Story Short.flac:2750c2625c415cea1f58aa8bc68e3f7c





09.Paint Me Down.flac:602396df22f4ffc325f4e507ed7b6ffb

10.Coffee Club.flac:56a3e2a4788766dc367396728af58ea9

11.Chant No 1.flac:5513bf4ed592f08b42a1c69ade74741b


13.Chant No 1 (Reprise).flac:526ef7f8dc2c95186244dfb198b59e45

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Ringo Starr live in San Diego 1997 - 2CD - May 4

 Ringo Starr Humphrey's, San Diego, Ca 5-4-97

Lineage: Unknown method of transfer from master DAT recording provided

by Third Eye Productions

Editing by Wes Meyette using CD Wave Editor

01 It Don't Come Easy (Ringo)

02 Act Naturally (Ringo)

03 The Devil Came From Kansas (GB)

04 Show Me The Way (PF)

05 Sunshine Of Your Love (JB)

06 Shooting Star (SK)

07 Boys (Ringo)

08 Baby I Love Your Way (PF)

09 You're Sixteen (Ringo)

10 Yellow Submarine (Ringo)

11 A Salty Dog (GB)

12 Norwegian Wood (PF)

13 Conquistador (GB)

14 I'm The Greatest (Ringo)

15 The No No Song (Ringo)

16 I Feel Free (JB)

17 All Right Now (SK)

18 I Wanna Be Your Man (Ringo)

19 Do You Feel Like We Do? (PF)

20 White Room (JB)

21 The Whiter Shade Of Pale (GB)

22 Band Introduction

23 Photograph (Ringo)

24 A Little Help From My Friends (Ringo)


01 It Don't Come Easy.flac:4e078403e112ff85b5b0cc97709d0a69

02 Act Naturally.flac:8dc05c36179f1991cd8782b68c0072e9

03 The Devil Came From Kansas.flac:7b466573ffe1f31a198b367e2271e0d4

04 Show Me The Way.flac:c208a4ef96fbca6dfce9fe7f8eb107e7

05 Sunshine Of Your Love.flac:e3d15f5b29515beccb596abc2a79fe32

06 Shooting Star.flac:d9637d8cadee1c5e2e0d2aa57993977b

07 Boys.flac:b3263ee7c234a8ab32133e1722fa9147

08 Baby I Love Your Way.flac:936849e593d70507ece619ab32a75cde

09 You're Sixteen.flac:dbb9999d4b469fed927f69f14aea5462

10 Yellow Submarine .flac:2ed011db78e0541be3e6f0c722ead358

11 A Salty Dog.flac:b8855e9a49405068505f65252459fc17

12 Norwegian Wood.flac:daa988f7368b110fb0f571dc29053a4c

13 Conquistador.flac:34f426d4ec9ef49b1e7b1fd111e20bf6

14 I'm The Greatest.flac:eac6458f224f20f04899c6fc8795e970

15 The No No Song.flac:b0efef876350f05b6011c7b4a2a451fb

16 I Feel Free.flac:05867c8648b9054797f27de96213bfd7

17 All Right Now.flac:faa2b54a8b2836b57f96e9d5adf9b732

18 I Wanna Be Your Man.flac:1855b46d7b045274780552c629474999

19 Do You Feel Like We Do.flac:ba2badaf11b8fbf0b0a75a5eba9d8e42

20 White Room.flac:9479055a45c280bf802bca83a3bd1d16

21 The Whiter Shade Of Pale.flac:5af3cf99a43cc5539ce8333de547c973

22 Band Introduction.flac:47581035a636c78d672e40b87c908480

23 Photograph.flac:be75476bf990bae5ee5c877e25f990d3

24 A Little Help From My Friends .flac:e40916d0fa7fed6baf57587901735254

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New Order live at Lollapalooza Festival 2014 - 1CD - April 6


April 06, 2014

Lollapalooza Festival (Interlagos Stage), Autódromo de Interlagos,

São Paulo, SP - Brasil

DISC #1/#1


01) Age of Consent (fades in)

02) Your Silent Face (fades out)

03) World

04) Bizarre Love Triangle

05) True Faith

06) 5 8 6

07) The Perfect Kiss

08) Blue Monday

09) Temptation

10) Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)



Giant Squid Omnidirecional Stereo Mic > Giant Squid Battery Box > Sony MZ-G755 Minidisc Recorder (Line in - Mono mode - recording levels set to "Manual")



MD(Master) [recorded in "mono" mode] > Hi MD disc ("Linear PCM" mode) > WAV [44.1kHz] > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8] aligned on sector boundaries



74 minutes standard Minidisc (Mono Mode) > Sony MDS-JE640 (optical out) > Sony MZ-RH910 (optical In) > Hi MD disc (Linear PCM Mode) > Sony MZ-RH910 (USB) > PC (USB) > Sonic Stage (transfer) > Adobe Audition 1.0 (mastering) > CD wave Editor 1.98 (track split) > Traders Little Helper 2.3.1 > FLAC [Level 8] aligned on sector boundaries



- Taped by Dark Killer.

- This recording does not include the complete concert. He was not able to tape the songs before "Age of Consent" because he was at Soundgarden gig at the same festival. When he arrived at the place that New Order were playing, they were already playing "Age of Consent", so this song cuts in.

- There is a cut at the end of "Your Silent Face" because He decided to change my taping location, so he stopped his minidisc recorder while I was moving.

- There is a cut between "Temptation" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" due to a malfunction in the minidisc recorder. he did not tape the song "Atmosphere" due to this problem. he solve it in time to start taping it again just before "Love Will Tear Us Apart" starts.

- Taped with a Giant Squid Omnidirecional Stereo microphone and a Sony MZ-G755 Minidisc Recorder in Manual Recording Mode. Recording quality was set to Mono. The master minidisc was digitally transfered to PC (master md inserted into a Sony MDS-JE640 minidisc deck, than the MDS-JE640 digital out into the Sony MZ-RH910 optical In. Recorded into this Hi MD portable unit in Linear PCM mode and Manual Recording Levels, than transfered to PC using the USB port via SonicStage.

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Manic Street Preachers live in Brighton 2007 - 2CD - December 14

 Manic Street Preachers

The Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK



Media: 2 CD-R

Time: 50:12, 49:49

Source: Audience (Hi-MD Master)

Lineage: Sony MZ-NH600 w/Sony ECM - 719 (Mic) > SonicStage 4.3 > WAV > Audacity 1.2.6 > WAV > TLH > FLAC

Notes: Due to previous recordings being cut short due to disc space issues, this show was recorded in Hi-SP mode. The intro riff before 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' is 'The Spirit of Radio' by Rush. The intro to 'Motown Junk' is 'She Sells Sanctuary' by The Cult.


Disc 1:

01 The Vortices

02 Motorcycle Emptiness

03 Autumnsong

04 You Love Us

05 Roses In The Hospital

06 Everything Must Go

07 Ocean Spray

08 Slash N Burn

09 She Is Suffering

10 Forever Delayed

11 La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)

12 1985

Disc 2:

01 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

02 Kevin Carter

03 If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

04 This Is Yesterday

05 Last Christmas

06 The Everlasting

07 Send Away The Tigers

08 Motown Junk

09 Little Baby Nothing

10 You Stole The Sun From My Heart

11 The Masses Against The Classes

12 A Design For Life

Recording, Editing and Artwork by Ben Grubb (Zenith023)

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John Lee Hooker live in Montreux 1990 - 1CD - July 11 - soundboard

 Artist: → John Lee Hooker

Date Of The Show: → July 11, 1990

Venue: → Casino de Montreux, Montreux - Switzerland

Sound: → Excellent Soundboard

Lineage: → CD Silver Discs → This is the original source (The Swingin' Pig TSP-CD-167)

Extraction: → X Lossless Decoder version 20101212 (126.2) → FLAC


01. I'm So Lonely

02. Mabel

03. I'm In the Mood

04. Crawlin' Kingsnake

05. Baby Lee

06. It Serves Me Right to Suffer

07. Boom Boom

08. Boogie Chillun I

09. The Healer

10. Boogie Chillun II

Notes: This is the original source (The Swingin' Pig TSP-CD-167)


01. John Lee Hooker - I'm So Lonely [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:cf8f32f18fa7a6f11a3092c131096877

02. John Lee Hooker - Mable [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:50e34d8bdd9b1e30ca1ec542f107d877

03. John Lee Hooker - I'm In The Mood [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:97dcd8b12e1b2cf0edd43744879eab35

04. John Lee Hooker - Crawlin' Kingsnake [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:279cd1c4efbd2a0495250d885d5be2fd

05. John Lee Hooker - Baby Lee [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:6b05d0ddcc32aea389cbee02a780b4a1

06. John Lee Hooker - It Serves Me Right To Suffer [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:76607fe9874e5b5c3a1367b8ad0006c5

07. John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:5988cc94c48e0832062117547426f22f

08. John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillun I [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:0fd2703072440e9be4eb7a48e66a88a8

09. John Lee Hooker - The Healer [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:ff81dd304982831e65547ce62c6f06d6

10. John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillun II [1990 The Montreux Album].flac:a69f1a84a84f4eeaf92183a4f5c69558

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Foreigner live in San Diego 1994 - 1CD - August 6

 Foreigner 32nd St Naval Station's Athletic Field, San Diego, Ca 8-6-94

Lineage: Unknown method of transfer from master DAT recording provided

by Third Eye Productions

Editing by Wes Meyette using CD Wave Editor

01 Double Vision

02 Head Games

03 Cold as Ice

04 Blue Morning Blue Day

05 White Lie

06 Feel's Like the First Time

07 Urgent

08 Juke Box Hero

09 Dirty White Boy

10 I Want to Know What Love Is

11 Hot Blooded

The Band:

Mick Jones - Lead Guitar Keyboards

Lou Gramm - Lead Vocals Percussion

Scott Gilman - Guitar Saxophone Flute Keyboards Backing Vocals

Bruce Turgon - Bass Backing Vocals

Mark Schulman - Drums Backing Vocals

Jeff Jacobs - Keyboards Backing Vocals


01 Double Vision.flac:ff069a0a40da6902b9a5ec89c4a34e83

02 Head Games.flac:c5fcdee076dcabec49d63e586a401a5d

03 Cold as Ice.flac:91ebfe355573355070befe13567a4b29

04 Blue Morning Blue Day.flac:ccfc0fcf63e830c9d6fba246fc0c3d77

05 White Lie.flac:b539a32801c979890b9590fd63a31194

06 Feel's Like the First Time.flac:cf0f23e7070522a66a04baae1cf8b1e3

07 Urgent.flac:a769401e3ffafe8121cf07e55bd5bc27

08 Juke Box Hero.flac:6338860c2bc7c2882e1ba068df61add5

09 Dirty White Boy.flac:6e4d8bc3b7133228687d867ec7ac046d

10 I Want to Know What Love Is.flac:0987de2dbe7741c7b1d1466e28e8efb9

11 Hot Blooded.flac:af3e34f937d1972a3bac7c3a0dd0bea4

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Van Morrison live in Portsmouth 1999 - 2CD - September 20

 Van Morrison 09/20/99

Guildhall, Portsmouth, England

taped with Sonic Studio mics and dat recorder>clone

to me>File cloned in Microtrack using a Tascam dat deck>

Goldwave tracking>TLH8

Dolphinsmile Production

for the Dolphinsmile Archive

I Love Being In Love(*GW), Bright Lights Big City, Ain't Nothin' You Can Do, Moondance > Fever, Back On Top, In The Afternoon > Joe Turner Sings > Don't You Make Me High > Sex Machine, It's All In The Game > You Know What They're Writing About, Precious Time, Que Sera Sera > Hound Dog(*JA), When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God, Orangefield, When The Leaves Come Falling Down, I'm Not Feeling It Anymore, Just Like A Woman, Help Me > Be Bop A Lula > Green Onions, Georgia, The Healing Game, And The Healing Has Begun


Lineup: John Allair, Richie Buckley, David Hayes, Matt Holland, Bobby Irwin, Johnny Scott, Geraint Watkins. Guest: Chris Barber


01 I Love Being in Love.flac:998151a39579d492fc1ed0c8b5c01e36

02 Bright Lights Big City.flac:1a47c7572cfc3c171960e70a690c094c

03 Aint Nothing You Can Do.flac:55192afbbb66d3bfe1e7ac9da3506982

04 Moondance.flac:08791b14a589b3f9a0c22afdec771b87

05 Back On Top.flac:b79123e760c793c1b679f58a1a62388b

06 In The Afternoon - Joe Turner.flac:96c5aef3c0954d840ecbd1fabb50fa8a

07 Its All In The Game.flac:180d35f89bce7e6b1bbbf0830792d5f8

08 Precious Time.flac:a7a4741b1d2821dcb90324b2f4bcb005

09 Que Sera Sera-Houndog.flac:47398caa1d490dfb2724643983835f03

10 When Will I Ever Learn To Live in God.flac:c948442d3abbf50fa5d2be727f5dda59

11 Orangefield.flac:fa0a356827f695361ba2c4b1a5a3a3b3

12 When The Leaves Come Falling Down.flac:227996f7d68ad339e394e3f26dda0679

13 Im Not Feeling It Anymore.flac:dfa77f183983d66c2e74a464c3bbaddb

14 Just Like A Woman.flac:ba90ec9a074acb60a6349c179fa93952

15 Help Me Medey.flac:92ef493f152e12e0703bc226fc92bb2e

16 Georgia On My Mind.flac:db487bf45cad99b0cf236aada5aacc82

17 The Healing Game.flac:3cd29a21c63c9fe24b25f4230b331deb

18 And The Healing Has Begun.flac:b8f9f0c63d74309039f95842c3a4c085

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